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Rhino Shelter

Rhino Shelter covers are made of a 10 ounce industrial grade rip-stop poly that is ultra-violet ray treated on both sides to prevent sunlight from deteriorating the covers. These covers will last years in the sun. Rip-stop poly means if you were to get a tear in the cover, the rip will not continue.  All of our covers contain a black scrim material between the colored exterior and white interior fabric.  This black scrim material blocks UV rays by 100% which allows our covers to last seven to ten years!  Most portable buildings on the market do not have the black scrim material and only last three to five years.  We also offer our covers in three attractive colors: hunter green, gray, and tan to match your landscaping.  All three colors have a white interior which makes for a bright inside. Only Rhino Shelter fabric is flame-resistant and meets California fire code CPAI-84.  Many of our customers run heat inside their garages to keep warm while working in their portable workshop.

The Competion

Most portable buildings on the market do not have the black scrim material and only last 3 to 5 years. The covers on these buildings are only 7.5 ounces per square yard.  A common trick the competition uses is to display their thickness in square meters which makes it sound like 9 ounce material.  Rhino Shelter measures fabric in square yards but in square meters our fabric would be 12 ounces per square meter. 

Rhino Shelter uses only high quality galvanized structural steel tubing that is designed not to rust. Our frames are also pre-drilled and are assembled with carriage bolts so there is no power tools required during assembly. Average installation time on the one car garage is 2 hours with two people the first time setting it up. We make two styles, house and round. Both styles are designed with heavy duty, galvanized steel frames to withstand snow and high winds.

The competitions frames are made of light weight recycled steel that is powder coated to look galvanized. Powder coating chipps and then rusts.  The light weight steel also cannot hold up under a snow load

Rhino Shelter buildings come with a Cable Hook Anchoring System.  Each anchor is 3 feet long and the cable is made of stainless steel.  This prevents rusting.  It is driven into the earth with a 3 foot long drive rod that fits into the head of the anchor. Each anchor has a 1,200 pound pull out ratio.

The competition uses Auger Style anchors that can only be used in soft soil. They are usually only about 6 inches long. They must have pre-drilled holes to install and their pull ratio is only 300 pounds.

All Rhino Shelter garages come with Double Zipper Doors front and back which allow for ventilation and drive thru capability. Rhino Shelter only uses Heavy Duty Nylon Zippers that are designed not to jam or freeze under heavy use. On larger Rhino Shelter garages there are UV treated buckles that prevent the zippers from spreading and splitting in high winds. Zippers also function from inside the building as well as outside the building.

The competition's garages only have a single door and a solid back panel. The zippers zip from outside only.

All Rhino Shelter garages come standard with a two (2) year warranty that covers all parts and labor. You can rest assured that if your building has a manufacturer defect the issue will be addressed and your building will be replaced within a  two (2) year span. All Rhino Shelter frames come with a 10 year warranty.

The competition only offers a one (1) Year Warranty so you might not notice any defects until after the warranty has already expired.

Rhino Shelter is proud to say that we offer some of the lowest prices on the market. The price on our most popular 12'W x 20'L x 8'H One Car model is $630. Excellent quality for a super low price!

The competition generally sells their One Car Garage without any of the features listed above. You are getting lower quality at a higher price!